Moka and Yuki

Moka and Yuki

- Canada -

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful plans. They are so clear and well made, it was great working with them.

I am sending you a picture, as you can see Plan 5 was changed quite a lot. The whole purpose was to reduce the carpeting for easier maintenance (my vacuum can't be used on the cat tree!). So as you can see, I didn't put the top perch and changed the first step for a scratcher. The second step was made bigger to make a bed. There is only carpet on the base; step 1 (the scratcher) is covered in sisal rope and step 2 and 3 have a home made cushion with washable cushion cover. The cushions are secured on the steps with velcro. To avoid seeing the raw edges of the steps, I added a decorative wood piece around all the steps. All posts were dyed and are covered with sisal rope. It does require A LOT of sisal rope! But this will allow very little cat hair accumulation! And these changes can be made for all your plans so I'm on my way to making the Mistoffolees castle in the same fashion. As you can see, my two cats Moka and Yuki are loving it!

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