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Niña, Niño and Monty

-- Texas --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 069

I have six cats and they just love all the trees/condos I've built so far. I built three of the the castle model as it is their favorite!

Boots and Sadie

-- Colorado --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 070

The plans were easy to follow! Materials were easy to assemble! We wrapped the post to the perch with more rope and the cats love it.
Thanks for making it easy but most of all, a quality product! I stopped by a pet store recently to see something less than 1/2 the size,
mostly cardboard wrapped with carpet for $149.00. GREAT PRODUCTS! Boots and Sadie appreciate it!

Hungry and Fonzie

-- Texas --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 071

Thank you so much for making these plans available. I was going to try to make my own, but using your plans made it so much easier. I put it together in two days, with no major diffuculties and my cats love it!


-- Vancouver, BC Canada --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 067

It is a very clear instruction. I only spent a weekend to finish it. I made it a little wide to reach the window, so my mimi can lie on it to watch outside.

Jade and Jasper

-- Texas --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 068


-- Pennsylvania --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 063

Thank you very much for the plans you sent me. My mom and I just finished putting the Shimbleshanks Tree House together and it looks awesome.Thanks a bunch! PS: I've changed the name from Shimbleshanks to Honeyman's Tree House

Zoey and Kitty

-- Washington --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 064

My boyfriend and I just finished making one of your cat trees. We were very impressed with how detailed the instructions are. We had never carpeted anything before and the pictures were very helpful. Our two kitties, Zoey and Kitty, have already claimed it as theirs. Thanks!

Geezer and Tootie

-- Kansas --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 065

Our kitties thank you! The hardest part about it was getting started. The cats probably wonder why I didn't start sooner. Once I got going it didn't take long to complete. I'm now working on another.


-- Washington --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 066

Here is my cat tree built with your plans!

Tigger and Gatsby

-- Illinois --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 061

Thanks for the great plans.. everything was as easy as you said it would be, and I look forward to trying another set of plans. Please post this pic for my girlfriend (she's very proud of her cats!... well, so am I). Tigger is on the top.... Gatsby is underneath him.

Wallace and Darwin

-- Western Australia, Australia --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 062

When I presented the finished product to my cats, Wallace and Darwin, it took them literally less than 60 seconds to claim it as theirs! The plans were simple to follow.

Charlie and Abby

-- Arizona --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 059

Thank you for the great site and great plans! Attached is a picture of my cats Charlie and Abby playing on the cat condo I built from your plans. They love it so much, they fight over who gets to be on it...I'll guess I'll have to build another one. Thanks again!


-- Florida --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 060

I built cat tree #5. It went together great and my cats love it! I actually have some friends that want me to build their cats one now! Thanks for the awesome plans. Here is a pic of Zoe enjoying the tree.

Tootie and Sweetie

-- Kansas --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 056


-- North Carolina --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 057

Excellent plans, easy to use. Thanks. I will start another in a few weeks.

Brando and Fuego

-- Illinois --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 058

Thank you for your great plans. instructions could not have been any clearer, and I am very happy with the end result. Needless to say, our feline friends took over it before it was even ready (I had to watch out not to staple any tails).

Max, Jasmine, and King

-- Mississippi --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 054

We bought your cat tree plans and made one for a donation to our local humane society. It was made from scraps of wood and carpet that was donated. However, the cats in this cattery don't seem to mind that it doesn't quite match.

Rascel, Pete, and Empire

-- Missouri --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 055

I bought plans from you guys a while back . I really liked the tree I built with your plans!

Hugo and Ugo

-- Christchurch, New Zealand --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 051

Hugo and Ugo

-- Christchurch, New Zealand --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 052

Hugo and Ugo have quality tested all these models

Gypsy, Domino, and Purrseus

-- Virginia --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 053

Thanks so much for the wonderful plans. The tree was a big hit with our furry kids. This is Gypsy, Domino, and Purrseus enjoying their new tree. We can't wait to start the next one!


-- Montréal, Québec --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 050

We modified a little bit the plans to make it accessible to our dog. There is a patio door that allows her to go on the balcony (It is where she eats). Thank you for your plans, very well explained. Where sending you pictures of her house so you can post them on the web. Pootchy loves her new home!


-- New Zealand --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 048

Made with sisal rope and 100% wool carpet. Made in 1 Day..WOW so easy and fun at that!


-- Brisbane, Australia --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 049

Great site and really well set out plans. Recently made the Rum Tum Tugger Resort for Charlotte, and she loves it. Keeps her claws away from the furniture and stereo speakers too, so I'm happy :)


-- Wisconsin --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 046

Enjoyed building the tree!


-- New Zealand --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 047

Made with Fluffy fake fur with carpet underlay underneath and removable lid with removable padding inside box incase of accidents. "Cleo" our British Silver Tabby female is 11 weeks old and loves her new cat condo. We cut out fluffy letters and attached to Her home for a more personalised look - sisal scratch rope attached to top post for her busy claws. We also made a little porch for her to jump out on.

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