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-- Minnesota --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 021

She LOVES it!!


-- Florida --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 018

Thanks for your great plans, which I recently purchased from you. They take the guesswork out of planning, and save plenty of wasted time and resources. Here is a picture of your simplest project which I recently completed (but perhaps the most valuable for a young cat with claws, as it gives plenty of scratching area). The picture is of MILO from FLORIDA (my daughter's cat, who was the recipient of the gift, and who adopted the piece immediately!).

Chevy and Zena

-- Tennessee --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 016

Chevy is at top and Zena is below him. They love it and I love you for that. They are my babies. Thanks so much. I look forward to building the next one. It was so easy.


-- New York --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 017

All of your plans are very easy to construct with some simple tools along with the excellent instructions. I chose the "Castle" but I changed the bottom using a concrete form. I'd like to say Thank you for the excellent plans and instructions.


-- Michigan --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 015


-- Washington --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 012

Hi, completed the Hideout cat tree and I don't know who is more pleased, Ming or me. Very enjoyable project spread over several days. Ming, a male Bengal, has a longer body than most cats. The plans were very clear and easy to follow.

Pushkin and Razzamataz

-- Virgina --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 013

Here are some of the pictures I took of the tree and the cats.

Vinnie, Pokie, & Football

-- Michigan --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 014

The first tree (blue) resides in Michigan and is used by Molly (not shown, picture on your site has my cat Vinnie before delivery). As you can see the sisal is on place. Can't see it in the shot but the sisal has really got some use. Pokie is the cat in the picture. We have three black cats (Vinnie, Pokie, and Football). The local Home Depot will make a few cuts for free which may benefit some people with small cars and limited tools. I have started another hideout for donation to the Michigan Humane Society in Detroit (your can see the roll of carpet in the picture).


-- Texas --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 011

Bought your plans this morning, went to Home Depot (About $50 for the materials and they cut all of the wood) We had some leftover carpet from when we replaced our carpet last year.

It took about 6 hours (including the trip to Home Depot).

Here is a picture of our happy cat.


-- New York --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 009

I bought these directions this summer and built it right away. They were great and finally here is a picture of Charlie on the new cat condo.

Peru and Vincent

-- Iowa --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 010

Just wanted to let you know that I loved your plans! Here's a photo of my cats in what has quickly become their favorite space. I'm going to build the small one (Mungojerrie window perch) for my mom's cat.

Sharkie and Tigger

-- Arizona --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 007

My first one was for my cat "Tigger". But the supplies I bought I built two at the same time and now I have Orders for three more! The plans are Very easy to follow and very easy to build. These two took me three days (taking my time). Thanks so much!

Max and Molly

-- Colorado --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 008

Here's a photo of 1 of the cat trees I built using your plans, Thanks.

Shorty and Fluffy

-- New Hampshire --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 005

Wonderful plans. We found them easy to follow. Our cats just love their new cat furniture. Thanks.

Ella and Ezzy

-- Maine --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 006

Loved making this cat tree. It is very sturdy and I can tell it is going to last a long time. Plans were easy to follow. No complaints.

Anelina and Pookah

-- Wisconsin --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 003

I said I send pictures, here they are. I really enjoyed building this and look forward to building another. Great plans. Thanks again.


-- Florida --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 004

"Ashes" and her new Cat Tree.


-- Oregon --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 002

I just wanted to thank you for the great instructions on how to build our own cat stand. Here is a pic. of our little "Tigger" enjoying her new home. She has been on it since we brought it in the house last night.

Braveheart, Angel, and Baci

-- Virginia --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 001

In May, we adopted three kittens, litter mates, and right from the start they loved to climb. After shopping the pet stores for an affordable, well constructed cat tree, I went to the internet, found your site, and ordered your plans. We ended up building two of the trees, the castle and the hideout, made a few modifications, and combined them on one base. The cats love it! They hang out in it, race around though it, and play all over it. So, on behalf of Braveheart, Angel, and Baci, many thanks!

Jake and Jinx

-- Nevada --

Cat Tree Plans Customer 000

Excellent plans. Thanks.

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